The mission of GetREAL:

to create a safe and stable environment where at-risk youth, who are aging out of foster care or have become homeless, learn the fundamentals of adulthood to empower them to overcome the cycle of dysfunction. GetREAL provides healing and guidance, cultivates healthy and life-long relationships, and transforms trauma into hope as each individual realizes their potential to become productive members of society.

Who is eligible?

Arkansas foster youth who are preparing to “age out” or youth in distress, 18 and older with a vision and desire to succeed.

Safe & Reliable Housing

Each resident lives in a one-bedroom, full-furnished apartment in the 24-unit apartment complex

Permanent Connections

Positive youth development, community engagement, mentorship opportunities and sponsor families


Transition to independence with a self-sufficiency plan that includes post-secondary education and vocational resources

Social & Emotional Well-Being

Mental and physical health and trauma resources


Job resources and apprenticeship opportunities


There are many ways for you to support the GetREAL program outside of financial contributions. As a GetREAL volunteer, you have the chance teach impact a young adult’s life by teaching a life skill, being a mentor, becoming a sponsor family, providing transportation, and more. Apply to become a volunteer today!

Aging Out of Foster Care

1 in 5 foster youth who “age out” will become homeless

Only 3% of former foster youth will earn a college degree

Only half of youth who “age out” will be employed at the age of 24

235 of Arkansas youth “aged out” of foster care in 2018…where did they go?

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