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Our Mission

To create a safe and stable environment where at-risk youth, who are aging out of foster care or have become homeless, learn the fundamentals of adulthood to empower them to overcome the cycle of dysfunction. GetREAL provides healing and guidance, cultivates healthy and life-long relationships, and transforms trauma into hope as each individual realizes their potential to become productive members of society.

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Base Camp 2024

A program for young adults

Our GetREAL program helps young adults become independent and one of those skills includes receiving their driver’s license! Before the program, many of our young adults don’t have a valid driver’s license, car insurance or a reliable vehicle. We work with them on budgeting for vehicle payments, being legal on the road and becoming independent.

The Fort Smith Children’s Emergency Shelter Independent Living Program, GetREAL, provides a fully-furnished, one-bedroom apartment to young adults, ages 18 and older, who have “aged out” of foster care. GetREAL provides the support and resources to help these young adults transition to independence and become successful, contributing members of society.